Linking Inkings – 16th April ’15


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writingA few scribblings that have kept me stocked up with coffee beans this week.

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The Adventures of Self-raising Lazarus – XI: Writers have bills to pay too you know.


Although I seem to have picked up a number of different roles since turning my back on the rat race, on paper, and according to my bank statement at least, I am a freelance writer. And I love it, it’s the best move I ever made but one of the downsides is that like many freelancers in this field, I find myself in a perpetual state of looking for work. Jobs are generally short-term or one-off and so you are always looking for enough work to fill the week. I guess it is no different to being an actor, musician or any other commissioned creative type but the search for work does expose you to the realities of the unrealistic expectations of bloggers and website bosses.

The amount of jobs I apply for that seem great until you ask about the payment is ridiculous as the standard response is generally something along the lines of ..” there is no monetary payment, but you have the chance to get your work read by a wide audience and be part of something exciting and new.” What that means is we want your work for nothing and an extra 100 people may get to read it. It made me think of what a job in the real word would look like if the same attitude were applied.

Wanted Administration Staff!

Do you want to make a difference in the office world? Do you have what it takes to put paperwork in alphabetical (and sometimes alpha-numeric) order? If you think you can make a difference then we want you to work for us.

If you would like to work close to filing cabinets and put exciting pieces of paper into logical sequences then we would like to hear from you.

There is no payment for this job but you will have the chance for your filing to be appreciated by other, much better paid, professionals  who have worked with some of the top data input and tele-sales teams in the county.

Many of our staff have gone on to work unpaid with some of the shiniest filing cabinets around and one even once was given a bottle of sherry as a thank you for fixing a broken runner on one of the drawers.

Contact us today and be part of the revolution that is taking place in the world of (voluntary) organising archive paperwork.

Linking Inkings – 9th April ’15


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writingA few articles that have kept me in Shiraz this week.

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Linking Inkings – 2nd April ’15


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writingA few scribblings that have kept the bailiffs from the door this week.

Sounds Around Town –  gig guide (Swindon Advertiser)

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Linking Inkings – 26th March ’15


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writingA few scribblings that have helped keep the wolf from the door over the last week…and by wolf I mean the the gas bill.

Sounds Around Town – gig guide (Swindon Advertiser)

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The Literary Hangover


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thAs the painfully deafening sound of the Alka Seltzer plink plinked into the glass and the fizzing sound was even enough to reach my pain threshold, I had time to reflect on the nature of the hangover, having the energy to do little else. Is it possible that Christianity is really an analogy of alcohol or possibly the other way around. It seems to me that both seem to proffer the idea that easy pleasure is followed by painful retribution or as Hank Williams would have put it, a Saturday night spent honky-tonking has to be followed by Church on Sunday…not that I think old Hank spent a lot of time in church. However it works it is still a truism that the more complete the bar-room excess the more wretched the suffering the next day. The only consolation is that the hangover has been responsible for some fine writing. But isn’t that just the way it is with pain? Just ask Iris Murdoch or even the Marque de Sade.

Writing about the hangover is surprisingly easy, far easier than trying to write about being drunk unless you happen to be Hunter S. Thompson and we won’t see his like again. It is the clarity of the ever present pain that makes it so accessible and the degree of pain is probably related to the level of enjoyment you experienced in getting to this point. There was a time when the hangover was a badge of honour, but slowly peer pressure and twelve step sober celebs led the way to a new healthier way and now anyone who even mentions they like a drink is tarred with the epithet of “having a problem.”

Anyway, so best literary hangovers? High on the list has got to be Tom Wolfe’s alcoholic journalist in the Bonfire of The Vanities or Larry Underwood in Stephen Kings The Stand. My favourite has got to be the monumental and wonderfully described headache that Mike Hammer awakes with at the start of Spillane’s The Girl Hunters. In the movies this state of gracelessness is portrayed brilliantly by Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider, Dean Martin (and he should know) in Rio Bravo and Nick Nolte in North Dallas Forty.

So  people may look down on the wasted day that follow a night getting wasted but as I said it is a process that has produced some inspired writing. Where would Kerouac have been without a bottle of cheap rose and a stolen car?


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