Stop being so selective!


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46416891_10158663708437524_2184748386282897408_nThere was an interesting post from Slaves recently regarding set times and the fact that they don’t post the running order details. I find it sad that this has even become a debate but I totally get where they are coming from. As a promoter I never posted set times beyond the doors open time for any gigs I was running. I also used to respond to requests  of “what time is band x on?” with a response of, why don’t you want to see the whole show?”

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Nice one me old China!


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imagesIntelligent horse-sized insectoid aliens, faster-than-light propulsion, androids, organic technology, warpspace, clones, advanced bionics, nanotech notepaper, flying microcameras, projected holographic adverts, a diasporic human race spread across galaxies and tracing its roots back to a mythical home planet, a pan-galactic language, space-adapted monotheism, artificial yet sentient intelligences and an essay on what language even is!

Or put another way…Embassytown…holy fuck!

Compiling a Gig Guide in the Internet age.


iu1. Go to venue FB page to find out what they have booked and find that their event list is four months out of date.

2. Check page for posters, posts or other timeline info to no avail.

3. Wonder if you are on an out of date page and search the venue again with wider parameters.

4. Find that they have three other pages.

5. ….and a live music group.

6. Which hasn’t been updated since November 2016.

7. Repeat 1 and 2 for other pages to no effect.

8. Search for their website and find that it too is two years out of date and was mainly used to promote the big screen TV events.

9. Remember that the landlord sometimes posts on his personal page.

10. Try to remember name of landlord.

11. Find his page and notice gig info has just been posted.

12. ….for a band playing tonight.

13.  Write gig guide that you know is only half the story.

14. Wait for general criticism, “why do you never mention my venue” type comments and wait for moaning on local forum that this town doesn’t support live music.

15. Dispair.

16. Repeat the following week.