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ciao_lgI thought I’d start my trawl through the various sites and schemes that have or still do make up part of my on-line earnings with a look at one of the better known sites – Ciao. I have been posting articles on Ciao on and off for about 6 years now and have always found it reliable and easy to use. Predominantly a product review site (there is a creative writing area but as far as I know it doesn’t pay out) the system works like this.

1. You pick a product from the massive database available using the search box, I tend to write mainly about books, music and film but as the site is designed as a reference point for consumers more profit can be attained by writing about bigger and more populist brands such as cars, fridges, IT and cosmetics. You can even suggest a product if its not on the list.

2. Write and post the review under it’s relevant category. It is imperative that you write about a product you know as short, vague and off topic reviews will earn you know money due to the peer rating system.

3. You get paid according to the products rating (popular products generally have a higher earning potential) and this is governed in part by your position in the ranking system. Other site members grade your review from excellent to off topic and that dictates who prominently your review is displayed. Payment is calculated on a pay per hit basis the more visible your review is to search engines the better your earning potential.

There is a certain level of member interaction via guestbooks and comments systems and I have always found it a friendly place to belong to. Now to the crux of the matter, what can you earn from it. Well, the reality is not much. Admittedly I tend to review media rather than the more popularly searched for high flyers and even after a bonus for being the first to review a product I would say that my articles gain about £1 a time, most incoming arriving on the first day. There are various bonuses and competitions but like all such sites you have to put a lot of effort in just to get yourself enough for a free lunch, not that there is any such thing. Earnings can be cashed in at a £5 threshold and  payment is by paypal.

That said if this is the route you are going to take, ciao is one of the better sites I have found. For those interested the site is HERE and my meagre offerings can be found HERE.