imagesSo following on from my introduction, lets start with what I have already towards my goal. With a background in music, more specifically playing, promoting and reviewing original live contemporary music, everything from folk to rock, punk to country, it was probably inevitable that somewhere along the line I would get the opportunity to write on the subject in the local press. This has evolved into a regular freelance spot writing a weekly gig guide, a what’s on for original music in and around my base of operations, Swindon, UK. Although not of massive interest to the vast majority of you, if you do wish to have a peek, I store the original unedited versions on a blog here. Not that the paper makes any major edits, I think the only time I got the red pencil was when I described a bands music as being “brainier than Kurt Cobain’s garage wall” probably a bit much for the consumers of the local paper who are more used to cats getting stuck up trees and the football results.

I also write small reviews for the paper and also for an entertainment guide, plus some  pieces for national music PR companies via a site called Green Man Music, but I will go into that later as the site is undergoing some much need cosmetic surgery and I will point you in it’s direction once it looks pretty again.

So that’s the stand point, two regular payments and a smattering of pennies drifting in from random sources. It’s not a living. It is a start.