So, I decided to go it alone, take the plunge, quit my day job and build my meagre earnings as a freelance journalist into something that my bank manager would recognise as a career. I have a couple of regular paying jobs with local music related articles and the plan in my head is to pick up any other sort of freelance writing work, reviews and general scribbling to build up my potential. This was no naive leap of faith as I have spent many years dabbling in on-line writing, product reviews, blogging etc and am aware what a competitive world this is.

Then a thought occurred to me. Why not blog the trials and tribulations of trying to make it in that world. Like every other blogger on the planet, I envisage my blogs and writing making money but as we all know, when you search “blogging for money” or “earning money writing online” the first ten pages or so are merely for sites telling you the best ways to make money on-line, rather than any actual opportunities, an circular irony if ever there was one!

So what about an honest appraisal of how hard it actually is to get by writing in the real and virtual world, this dear reader is what this site intends to be. A diary and discussion of the meandering path through the minefield of writing for a living.