logoIt’s always a good sign if you can start with a pun, no?..just me then. Whilst rummaging around in the murky backwaters of the supermation info-highway or whatever you geeks call t’net these days, I was pointed at a site that might be a worthy addition to my income, for now at least. Bubblews sits somewhere between a social media site and an article posting site. It has the common features of say Ciao or Schvoong in that you get to post unique articles about anything you want which are then graded in the amount of likes or dislikes they get in the usual peer review system which determines their prominence. But unlike the product/advertising  driven Ciao or the Wiki-like Helium, Bubblews seems more about individual comment and news and therefore offers an addition to the above sites rather than an alternative to them.

The social media bit comes in that a lot of the posts are personal thought, opinion and comment though without the weighty intricacies of Facebook and the limiting word count of Twitter. It is still in it’s early days but seems to have a fast rising value, it just crossed the 1800 top internet sites threshold and seems to improve its position daily.

Earning potential, like most of these sites is limited talking pennies rather than pounds per article but if you are writing about popular subjects, get well connected I’m sure it could become part of the background income that you write for whilst you are waiting for the real jobs to coming pouring in.

Payment is also helped by people commenting on your article and social media sharing so it pays to start debates around your subject and share the topic around. If anyone is interested in getting involved then let me know and I will send you a referral link and you can get started straight away.

I also took it as a great omen that as I was posting my first introductory piece, the banner at the top of the page was advertising the latest New Model Army album, Between Dog and Wolf, which is currently sitting in my “to do” pile for a magazine review, that’s got to count for something…right?