I have been at Bubblews for just under a month and have made about $35 without really trying too hard. It is a site where a lot of people are just chasing quick payment by posting small, pointless articles for a quick hit rate and a dribble of cash. There is however a better way. By writing longer pieces with more substance you will attract people who want to discuss and comment on your work, not only do these inter actions all contribute to your income, you will find that those readers will keep coming back.

Connections are important but connect only with quality writers, many will connect with you for the one off payment but will not return to your page to read your work. If used wisely it could act as quite a decent additional revenue stream as the longer you writer there and the more established you become as a good writer the quicker your income builds. There are days when i don’t even go there and still earn a dollar. Now I just need 120 sites to do that on and I may be on to something.

Anyone who is interested can find me here  – http://www.bubblews.com/account/84194-lazarus