The best laid plans of mice and…would be free lance scribblers. I set this site up last year as a way of diarizing (that is a word, I was told it by a middle manager once and they know about the sensible use of the English language!) my journey into freelancing. I then promptly ignored it. Anyway a brief synopsis of what has happened. Well, I am still at the same levels of freelance writing as I was when I last checked in but the record label side of things is really taking off and it has 5 albums or e.p.s under it’s belt with three more projects coming to fruition…great word that, ffrruuiittiioonn…savior it.

Anyway hopefully now things are settling down I shall use this to document the ups and downs of the freelance route, although most of it at the moment is about writing press releases for the bands I work with, but that’s all writing…right?