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thWhilst it is tough trying to make a living out of freelance journalism and the record label is still a pile of start-up debts, though we are starting to shift a few records now and have a whole bundle of bigger releases about to hit the streets the way forward is to make opportunities for yourself. One of ways I do that is by co-hosting an Arts and Music show on the local community radio –  Swindon 105.5 with my good friend Sean. It’s a two hour show that is based around guest interviews with people who represent artistic and cultural organisations in the area or in session bands and artists. It’s a voluntary position as the station is funded as a community project rather than a commercial concern and obviously the idea of helping people is less financially advantages than sell computers or fizzy drinks but it does mean that I get to mean some fascinating people.

Guests have ranged from musicians and producers to representatives of dance schools,  film makers and directors and clubs, artists and galleries, choral societies and even a recent discussion about the future of computer technology and the ethics and pit falls of Artificial Intelligence.

It may not pay the bills but has already put me in contact with someone who was willing to pay a small amount for my services as a PR writer. But more than that it puts me exactly where I want to be, in the midst of a mixing pot of artistic, creative, imaginative and boundary pushing people.

If you are interested, each weeks show can be found as an edited podcast (PRS registered music removed) in the links along the side of this blog. Just go to Groovers on  Manoeuvres in the links for all things musical around Swindon and scroll down or search “Live and Local” to display all such recent shows.

It’s not always about money and I believe if you put yourself in the right environment and and care about what you do, the right people will find you anyway.