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Contrary to my old life most of my paid writing happens on the weekend. Deadlines mean that my gig guide for The Swindon Advertiser which consist of one 700 word what’s on type article called Sounds Around Town and a second 400 word review of an album or band, have to be in Monday morning and so I use the weekend as my main writing time. I could start earlier but gig guide information can often change at the last minute and also it is often like getting blood out of a stone dragging the information out of the clutches of some local promoters that this tends to be the best time to have most of the correct information. It’s an irony that event organisers and promoters seem reluctant to pass information on to people like myself who can bring their event to a circulation of 25,000 people on a weekly basis but it may also explain why attendances are so low on the local scene.

This weekend is also compacted by the fact that another regular writing commission for The Ocelot Magazine, a three counties entertainment guide also falls this weekend so it’s busy, busy, busy. But with the sun streaming in the window on what seems like the first actual day of spring, it’s time to get down to some serious writing. Tongue in check back handed compliments don’t grow on tree’s you know.