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Thursday is the day of rest before my working week races head first into writing deadlines and gigs, radio and blogging. Tonight is our fortnightly gig at The Victoria, the eloquently named Songs of Praise were we endeavour to host the best original local bands and also bring in those from surrounding areas. After that as we go into the weekend my few money generating pieces need to be planned, prepared, written and submitted. The start of the week then gives me breathing space to concentrate on PR and other writing for the record label, Secret Chord Records and also planning for the radio show which takes place on Wednesday afternoon and then we have gone full circle.

I’m also in the process of relaunching my music review site, though it is taking longer than I thought it would and I have a pile of music waiting to be written about. Hopefully the site will come back up shortly, this time with some level of advertising so that it can in some small way become part of the income stream.  I guess that I have have to look at any task undertaken now in a slightly different light. Does it earn money or does it at least move me nearer a place that does or raise awareness of me as a writer or the label as a business.

Ahh, yes, I knew there was something else I have to do next week…the small matter of moving house.