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moondog-small-300x300Well, that was a busy weekend. One of the bands that I have been working with on Secret Chord Records, the mercurial and wonderful Nudybronque, launched their new e.p. this weekend so Saturday night was all about watching some great music and trying to sell the release. It also brought a few friends out of the wood work, particularly Rich Craven, the man who set me off down this road to trying to make music related activities into an income. Rich was the man who set up The Swindon Shuffle and Songs of Praise nights at The Victoria, both of which I inherited to some degree when he moved to Oxford. It was great to see him and a night of beer, music nostalgia and spinning some of the old vinyl was in order.

Today whilst writing up this weeks gig guide for the local paper, I had a call from my solicitor to say that the house I am buying has gone through all the checks and stages of administration and I could pick the keys up. It gave me cause to reflect on how different my life is these days, even compared with a year ago. After thirty years of working for someone else I was given the resources to strike out on my own and try to see if running a record label and being a freelance journalist and music writer could actually become a reality. I am also now in a position where I own my own house, a modest but comfortable little place in a quiet cul-du-sac and aside from all the fun of building a new living space around me, it means that my monthly outgoings are fairly low. Rent was always by far my main expenditure and now there is none. It means that I don’t have to worry too much if the label takes a while to come together as running costs are pretty much all about how frugal or frivolous I wish to be. Now all I have to do is move a mountain of books and records into their new home.

Still, not a bad place to be in these tough times.

A review of the launch night can be found courtesy of David Roses gig diary here