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ISD-2505040 - © - I SNITTAnother busy weekend supporting  a couple of the bands that I have been working with via the record label, Secret Chord Records, this time at The Dublin Castle, a well-known music venue in London’s Camden Town. A great night out but you try finding a place to sit down and eat after midnight and you are going to be out of luck. Anyway, the weeks deadlines met, about to plan the radio show so I can put some pertinent questions to the editor of The Ocelot Magazine, a regional entertainment guide and I have even found some time to throw in a few Bubblews articles…it’s all money right? Though I do feel like I am one of only a few putting much effort in. I tend to turn out what I consider interesting ideas or at least prose that I have spent some time fashioning and articulating only to find it surrounded by a description of what someone in the Phillipines is having for lunch or how a guy in East Texas loves the Lord. Maybe I need to fins somewhere of a higher overall standard to publish my stuff but I doubt if anywhere else will pay quite as well. The price you pay I guess.

Anyway, as the house move moves nearer, the one thing I am looking forward to, on top of all of the cosmetics of the actual look of the place and the extra room, not to mention the lower running costs, is the fact that I will actually have my own back bedroom office/study/writing room…call it what you will. As much as I like the place that I am currently writing this article from, I am sat at a desk in my front room with a lovely view of the Council offices (plus occasional shouts and screams as unemployable layabouts argue with their girlfriends in the street outside over what to spend their hand outs on) and with in earshot of my washing machine trying it’s best to get a thai food stain out of a white cotton shirt. Good luck with that.

The thought of a desk by a window looking out on to a, still urban, but all together more pleasant scene, the garden just below and surrounded by my books and best of all a shroud of silence is something that I have dreamt about for a long time. I hope it brings me the boost to creativity I have been looking for. Even if it doesn’t it will be nice to have a bit of elbow room.