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It’s Wednesday so it must be radio day, Live and Local on Swindon 105.5 to be exact. We were let down by our guest this week so Sean and myself had to fill the whole two hours with our usual dodgy taste in music and random verbal meanderings, which I think we did admirably. As he had been given some music to play by Mark Colton from Credo, a band working at the contemporary end of the broad genre of progressive rock, we decided to make a bit of a theme of it and scoured the database for some other music from the genre. As our resources are a bit mainstream, which is why we normally opt to play local music, there wasn’t a great choice but we managed to fit in a bit of Marillion, Jethro Tull, Yes, Asia, Andy Sears (ex-Twelfth Night front man) Muse and the aforementioned Credo, which was not bad for a database that seems geared towards the latter part of Rod Stewarts career and the works of Robbie Williams. So a progtastic time was had by all…as they say in the world of Smashy and Nicey, who are our obvious role models.