Thursday is the day when two of my paid pieces go live for the Swindon Advertiser, a daily paper that covers the news and features of the aforementioned town. If you are interested below are the links to the pieces which take the form of a 700 word gig guide for the music taking place this week and a second piece that is usually an overview of a band or review of a recent album release. One of the advantages of having my fingers in so many musical pies is that i can often use this 2nd article to write about a band that i am working with either with the record label or promoting a gig for. That might seem a little self serving but the way i see it is that I seem to be the last person in town (alongside my business partner Ed) promoting, writing, reviewing any form of new, original, grass roots level music so it is the obvious way to go.

Gig Guide from Swindon Advertiser

Mind Museum review from Swindon Advertiser