One of the themes that I constantly wax lyrical about is the need to keep promoting new, original music. Obviously through the record label it is an area where I am trying to make money but it runs a lot deeper than that. Whilst I understand the reasoning behind covers and tribute bands, the business acumen, the horses for courses and the supply and demand and all the other cliche terms that you can use to justify the dominance of non-original musical vehicles, for me it is all about the excitement of walking into a venue and wondering if tonight is the night that you are going to find your new favourite band. There is a joy in that self discovery. You didn’t wait to be told that a certain band is cool by the media, your friends, another band or the word on the street, you found it yourself and for a short while they are all yours.

It is for that reason that Green Man Music Promotions and Secret Chord Records is all about promoting new, original music, bands that may then head off to bigger things leaving you as a promoter a small footnote in their story, and them as a band footnote in yours. Maybe it is an old, outmoded ethic, especially in these times of instant musical gratification, where music is pretty much free on the internet and people expect it to be free in the actual flesh.

Sometimes, putting on original music in Swindon can seem like the battle of the Little Bighorn, our show being General Custer’s men in this analogy and the Indians a wave of unimaginative promoters and venues sending Green Day tribute acts and Kings of Leon covers to crash against our thinly defended lines.

Well, if I am going to make a last stand it is to the sound track of Vienna Ditto, Super Squarecloud, Nudybronque, Dead Royalties and a host of other bands who are starting to get noticed amongst the grass roots music scene and the more exploratory ends of national radio.