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I’ve just been putting my last few writing pieces and arrangements for tomorrows radio show in order before I pack up my house and move to the new place. Although I’m having all the heavy stuff professionally dealt with, I want to box up all the smaller personal items myself and it’s only then that you realise how much crap…I mean sentimental items of your past life you collect during your three score and ten. I think that there will have to be a bit of a cull during the process, although I am moving to a bigger place, the last thing I want to do is fill all that room with junk…I mean sentimental items of a past life.

Fresh starts are great, on the whole I hate moving, creature of habit I guess, I mean comfort zones are called comfort zones for a reason and couple that with the logistics of moving thousands of books and records and the task becomes a bit of a mountain of a task. Hence the reason why I am paying for someone to do most of the work, Muhammad’s coming to my own personal mountain as the skewed analogy goes. Still the end result will be work it, a larger place in a quieter part of town with my own writing room/office for the record label to run from. It pays to reinvent yourself every now and again, evolution of a sort and the same goes for your personal space, a change in the immediate surroundings can often spark changes in the way you work creatively, your routines and your personal modus operandi. It will be interesting to see where this all takes me but for now I just have to get through a couple of days of chaos, a storm before the calm.