After a few false starts with deliveries and more crucially broadband connections I think I am back in the swing of things. More importantly it means that i can actually earn some money again. it’s amazing how much I rely on the internet, a sad but modern inditement I guess. Without it I have been unable to write any of my regular paying articles, it’s not so much the lack of ability to send these pieces in, more that music journalism and the like requires a fair amount of research and cafe Nero or random internet cafes just don’t seem conducive to the creative process. Still, I’m back now and raring to go.

The other problem of having no internet means that I haven’t been able to buy the rest of the things for the new house as quickly as I would have liked. Working from home means no car these days and so being reliant on things being delivered to me, from weekly groceries up to new dining room tables, but it is all shaping up slowly and it is nice to finally have the extra elbow room and a place that I can call my own. It’s funny how when moving from a flat to a house, there are loads of unplanned minor bonuses that you hadn’t really thought about. Simple things such as being able to put washing on the line in your own garden, a really good supply of hot water (my previous flat was designed with young families in mind and so had really low and unadjustable, temperature settings on the water supply) and just the general airiness that you get from a through draft which again a flat didn’t provide. My view as I sit and write this is still one of urban town centre but broken up by my nice little courtyard, some nice beech trees and a nice slab of sky, where as before it was the cold brickwork of a tall council building and the sight of Jeremy Kyle Show types arguing outside that office as they decide which pub to spend their free hand outs whilst their kids pull the wing mirrors off of cars.

I love the slight randomness that comes with Victorian houses that have been adapted and altered to meet modern requirements. I love the fact that nothing is quite straight or fits quite as perfectly as it might. I love the fact that if you open the bedroom window at night the bedroom door rattles very slightly, it’s quite soothing in it’s own way and I find that a copy of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead wedged underneath makes the noise go away…though I’m sure any Tom Stoppard play will do the trick.

It’s taken me a long time to get to this place, a lot of work and mainly good fortune but it is beginning to finally feel like home.