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thHad a reminder of how far your thoughts and musings can travel in this modern age of miracles and wonders…but mainly internet communication. A while ago I wrote a late night blog about the fact that I was listening to a wonderful acoustic artist called Antonio Lulic who I had worked with on the local music scene and who was being broadcast live from SXSW festival in Austin. Being a backwater blog of personal thoughts and documenting my attempts to sustain myself through musical and literary endeavours I realise that not many people read it so was surprised to find that the original article had been re-blogged to a site that covered the Austin art scene. I had a similar experience many years ago when I wrote a review of Dallas based musician Tommy Hale whom I had met when he was touring the Uk in the company of a wonderful band called The Snakes. The review seem to appear all over the Texas network of blogs and music sites without any effort on my part, a fascinating and humbling thing to watch.

I digress. I would say though check out the site that were gracious enough to re-blog my original article  –  http://austintexasart.wordpress.com – even if you are not local to them (that’s the joy of the ‘net folks), they have some wonderful articles for you to check out and links to the featured artists own sites. If you wish to start with reading my original post you can do so HERE