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thWell, sort of. One of the things that I have learned, but so far resisted, in my attempts to find extra work through penmanship, opinion and downright waffle, is that the most direct (and therefore of less integrity) was of blogging for money is to sign up for the more commercial based sites and write reviews and comment on products, websites and services that are directly driven by the company in questions desire to get some cheap advertising. I guess that you have to start somewhere so i thought that I would give it a go. Hopefully it will serve my purpose as well. Not only do the men in suits get their blurb and product review, I, hopefully, get paid and have traffic driven through my site. This will not only raise the profile of my site, put more hits through my more creative articles and may lead to some sort of revenue on the site in the future. Still lets not get carried away. What it will mean in the short term is that alongside my regular musings and strange view on the world, there will be the occasional (or not so occasional depending on how well it goes) article which seems outside my regular brief. But the more articles to chose from to read the better right? Anyway, just thought I would explain what the future holds in case you were wondering why you where starting to see out of character articles appear and thought that I was having a nervous breakdown or at least had become ….god forbid…normal.