potpourri-rose-clearance-3Yesterday’s musings over a glass of wine, subsequent thoughts of the wider world and my place in it were put into sharp reflection this morning. Whilst brushing my teeth, I glanced down at the large bowl of potpourri that adorns the bathroom stand, a riot of deep colours, smell, shapes and textures and for once looked past the aesthetic qualities and focused in on the individual components. I guess potpourri in it’s non commercial form is any pleasing organic finds that trigger the senses and brighten up the home. In days passed you would gather found items from the natural world in your near vicinity. In the modern, global village where money is largely no object to distance and desire and anything from groceries to Filipino brides can be bought on-line, even the nature of potpourri is grander and has a tale to tell. I could make out the dried, scarlet petals of roses and the odd bit of birch bark, nothing too exotic there, but further inspection revealed cinnamon sticks, petrified orange slices, twists of bamboo and all number of things that I couldn’t readily put a name to but which suggested a pan-continental history to even the ingredients of this unassuming bowl. It’s quite depressing that in terms of travel history I probably have gathered far fewer air miles in recent years than even this bowl of potpourri!