thI have had many blog and writing outlets over the years but this one is now going to be the window on all of the musings, rants and world views from my literary ivory tower (currently posing as a two-bedroom mid-terrace in the heart of a West Country railway town.) Plans are afoot to relaunch Green Man Music, my grassroots music review website and maybe do the same for book and film reviews but the random thoughts and irrational utterances will be coming from here. I was therefore looking through some of the old blogs and websites, it’s amazing how long your work lingers in the electronic backwaters of the internet, and will post some of them to here. As many are out of date with what they are commenting on, I have back dated them and you will find them amongst the older posts on here. Please check them out if you have time, either by scrolling back or picking out interesting tag words from the cloud on the left of this page. Read, comment and enjoy.

Ivory Tower pictured is not to scale.