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bangsIt’s been a few months since I allowed my music review site, Green Man Music, to curl up and die. I guess that a combination of being busy, enjoying my new found freedom from the world of nine-to-five and a slight apathy in new music was the cocktail that caused it to happen. But as they say, absinth makes the heart grow fonder…or something, and as it’s time to knuckle down to some serious earning of wages once more I thought a good starting point would be to set up a new place for it all. Ladies and germs, let me present Dancing About Architecture, the new fresh faced, whippersnapper of a site that aims to take over where Green Man left off. Over the five years that it’s previous incarnation existed we achieved some good things, had plenty of traffic and general got our teeth stuck into some amazing music. Who is to say we can’t do it all again.

For now, D.A.A. is a simple blog platform but hopefully over the course of the next few months it will find it’s feet and grown in a few wonderful and unexpected directions, I always find the best thing to do is see what paths suggest themselves to you rather than plan an exact route right from the outset. Obviously our main concern will be to cover music that can be covered by terms such as grassroots, off the radar, unsigned and maybe even avant grade, but there will still be room for a few more traditional sounds. Do not, however, come to the site expecting mainstream bands and rock dinosaurs, tributes or the like to fall within our scope. Let me put it this way, if you are one of those people who goes to watch an original band and then at the encore shouts out for Red Hot Chilli Peppers or oasis covers, then please don’t feel offended if i say….piss off and never darken our blog again.

Save this link to check out the best music around, hopefully on a daily basis or as often as time allows. Also please comment on our efforts, feedback of any sort is always welcome.

Dancing About Architecture Direct Link

And for those who don’t know who they guy in the picture is, it is none other than our lord Lester Bangs, possibly the greatest/most obnoxious music writer ever….I like my heroes flawed (and he was very often floored so that’s close enough)