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Quilt-Makers-14-600x400As someone who loves the diverse and exotic nature of the world around us, it was great to be pointed in the direction of a wonderful website the other day called Kathmandu Inside: Out. The site acts as an information guide and travel log for the project that annually gathers people from all over the world to the city to tell their own stories through photography. It offers and eight day photography master class under the tutelage of award winning photojournalist Edwin Koo based in the Buddhist heartland of Nepal and not only deals with all the usual factors of photojournalism but also the additional problems of working in a foreign country.


The website is full of all the relevant information at an easy glance, doesn’t resort to industry technical jargon or verbose prose, just clear and concise facts that will quickly allow you to decide if this is something for you.


Even as a non photographer, the section on past students work is one that you will all find fascinating as the aim of the course is not merely to capture the breath taking scenery but to tell stories of the people who live there and covers everything from gender issues to homelessness, tradesman and religion. The advantage of the course is that it works closely with local professionals and as such can open doors to places and people that would normally remain shut to a western traveller. Not only does this gallery of work offer an insight into the type of photography you could chose to undertake, it acts as a window on to a country very different from our own.


Whether you are interested in photography or not, it is a wonderfully engrossing site, will fascinate anyone interested in Nepal and it’s many issues through it’s evocative images and the stories that they tell. If you are a photographer and interested in documenting a world very different from our own then this could be the passport to an amazing journey.

Kathmandu Inside: Out Website


Image© Mark Lim