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thOne of the aspects of blogging that I find fascinating is where your words, thoughts and ideas end up being received and read. I write various more localised and more specific blogs and articles and due to their very nature you know where your target audience lies, for this blog, however, things are much more interesting. A lot depends on where and how you advertise your blog, one of the most obvious outlets is through the Facebook/Twitter/Social Network channels but that only really means that you are posting largely to people you are already connected with. Blog communities are a bit more difficult to gauge but probably account for some of the more random travel plans of your writing and subject matter and the tags you use will also dictate what the search engines home in on. It is therefore interesting to check in the analytics of the blog to see a breakdown of readers by country. My last month looks some thing like this.

UK – 50.0%

USA – 18.7%

Singapore – 10.9%

Australia, Pakistan, Netherlands and Italy – 6.2%

Canada, Belgium and Nepal  –  1.5%

The top two more than likely mainly relate to friends on the likes of Facebook, Australia too possibly and Nepal due to the fact that I wrote about photo-journalism in Kathmandu, but some of the others are quite intriguing and have to be put down to the random factors mentioned above. I think I might do a little monthly round up of the top ten countries who check out my work and see how it changes over time. It also means I can use those countries as tags, which in turn act as beacons in search engines and so set up a whole vortex of perpetual motion or some sort of blogging wormhole that sucks google into oblivion. That will teach them to avoid paying their taxes!