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10443443_10203532506647087_7798989444648710138_nSo here we are at the opening match of The World Cup and I have everything sorted. I shall have beer and good company and be firmly entrenched in the back garden of someone who doesn’t have a television. The thought of being in a pub tonight surrounded by balding, middle aged guys wearing ill fitting sports gear and explaining why their team selection is much better than the one selected by the Cameroon/Chile/Mexico¬†manager, or any of the other countries that they couldn’t find on a map, seems unbearable…or unbeerable even. For similar reasons Facebook will be a no go area as well, as posts of “come on you..(insert name of country that you once went to on holiday)” and ” that was never offside” at ten second intervals would be enough for me to relocate my computer in the garden,slowed down briefly by the window I threw it though and making an impressive change of direction as it bounces off of the flat roof of the kitchen below. What? There is still a month of this to go?