typewriter_money-insideOne of the reasons that I write this, and a few other blogs, is that like most people trying to find a way to make writing a living, or at least a reasonable part of the income, I can’t help but pour my thoughts, ideas, hopes, viewpoints and strange imagination on to paper…albeit the sort that gives you bad eyesight and a strange blue-tinged computer tan, but you know what I mean. I do earn part of my income from writing local music columns but in an effort up my game I am aiming this post at my fellow writers out there in the blog-o-sphere to see what tips and ideas they have to help me achieve this. I write this blog, which is sort of free for all, a random series of thoughts made print but roughly about music, culture and travel as well as a dedicated music review site that can be found here. Both are reasonable new and so the traffic is still quite modest.

What I would like to know from fellow pioneers into the possibilities of self-sufficient blogging, what is the best way to get your name out there, monetize your blog and pick up extra work. I do all the usual, Bubblews, the odd survey and paid e-mail type sites but they are obviously the type of income that you could find in spare change down the back of the sofa anyway. Does anyone have any advice regarding paid writing, guest blogging  etc etc and any tips on making blogs pay their way.I have experience in product reviewing (Ciao) article writing (Helium, blogs etc) and can probably turn my hand to most things. Any advice from those who have more experience of the sphere we call blog or any other work from home, writing income streams is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.