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shutterstock_74085415As part of “operation let’s get everything in order”, which is a sub plot of “project lets see if we can make some money out of all of this scribbling” being in itself part of my master plan not to have to go back to working for someone else, I have begun to pull all of the book reviews together from the various places that they lay scattered and discarded, dust strewn (whatever the internet equivalent is anyway) and ignored. I know have a blog with the fairly pompous title of The Wessex Literary Review, well all the snappy titles were taken and I thought it sounded professional, you know, almost like a site run by someone who knows what they actually doing. Once I have added all these archival pieces of review writing from over the years I shall set out to review any interesting books that catch my eye, but for now it will be building up it’s content from work that has already seen the light of day.

Please check the site out and read around and please do comment on the reviews found HERE