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cropped-movie-banner1If you have read my previous post you will be aware that I am in the process of collating all of the book review I have written over the years into one place, keep things nice and tidy like! Well in the process of setting up and hunting down the articles to post on the newly launched Wessex Literary Review that are spread over numerous sites and numerous years, I also realised that I have quite a body of film reviews lying about as well. Obviously the same thought occurred to me regarding their fate. Why not set up a blog that houses all of those in one place. So I have. The sister site of The Wessex Literary Review is the totally unimaginatively named Wessex Film Review. Well, it keeps things neat. So that means if you take into account my already existing Dancing About Architecture blog that reviews new music, I have pretty much got the media covered. Only TV to go and it’s probably best i don’t venture into those waters as it will probably end up as one long rant, in clipped Alexandra Palace English and a hankering for Black Books and Time Team.

Anyway, if you fancy checking out the site it can be found HERE

There are only a couple of reviews there at the moment but as the week goes on I will upload some more of my past work before hunting down new films to pick on. Read, comment and enjoy.