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thThe geographical break down of the readership of this blog is always going to reflect the nature of the articles and the last time I posted the conclusions of the statistical report of this blog, I had posted a number of articles that related to travel and the global village at large, which in turn made for quite a wide range of countries making up the readership. Over the last month I have posted less and have written more articles of interest to those closer to home and this has resulted in a less expansive, more parochial response.

As always the UK makes up most of the readership, with the US coming in second but it was good to see a few new countries on the list, especially as they don’t directly reflect the subject matter of the posts this month.

So thanks also to readers in Australia, Portugal, Sweden, India, Romania, Ireland, Spain and Singapore (in that order) for taking an interest in my thoughts, musings, scrivening and scribbling.