1620-2-Red-CrucibleWorking for myself from home provides a lot of distractions, especially for the weak willed. On the one hand I have a fantastic boss. If I’m late in he always arrives around the same time, he often gives me whole afternoons off, coffee breaks are taken when and where I chose, I really can’t complain. That said, on the other hand, I have the worst employee ever. Still I have to keep him around as I know his family well. Nepotism eh? One of my most recent distractions is an online browser game called Red Crucible 2, a multi-player urban warfare game that has seen me stalk the Favelas of South America picking off, oddly enough, opposing combatants who seem have been recruited in south east asia to conducting desert tank operations against a horde of Hungarians.

One of the things that always strikes me as amusing is the names that people chose. You might think that the most common names in the world are something like John or Mohammed, Juan or Luis, not in the world of Red Killer where the likes of Ultimate_Killer and Terminator  nom de plume styles favoured by todays online urban warrior. Ironic really as Ultimate_Killer is normally to be found at the bottom of the leader board just below SWATassassin. Maybe he should change his tag to Occasional_Lucky_Shot! What makes it worse for our trained bounty hunter (actually a trainee accountant from Newport Pagnell) is high up on the winners list is the name that strikes fear into fellow combatants, the infamous…debbiesmum! I love the idea of the scourge of urban warfare being a middle aged woman sporting a cardigan and sensible shoes just having one more game whilst dinner slow cooks.

Not that I am too bad at the game myself. If ever you need some one to fall off a tall building or get run over by a passing scorpion tank, I am the man to call. Right, off to stalk the mean streets of Kiev to hunt  first year Belgian physic under-graduates. Well, you have to have a hobby.