hipsterIt is with a heavy heart that I have to give you some sad news. At 14.27 today it was announced that the culture known as “hipster” had passed on. As the shock wave resonated the length and breadth of Hackney, tattooists and beard-groomers were preparing themselves for a financially difficult time to come. Not that anyone would ever actually admit to having been part of the scene but we all know whom I am talking about here. And if you don’t here is a quick checklist. Is your music taste much cooler than those around you? Is your haircut so complex that even Freud would have trouble unravelling it? Was your beard last seen playing keyboards for The Band? Are your glasses intentionally too big for you? Have you ever drunk triple shot espresso out of a jam jar? Have you ever been mistaken for the bassist in a post-hardcore, math rock outfit?


If the answer to any of these is yes, then it is very likely that you are the hipster of your social group. But you knew that, right?  Still everything is cyclical so don’t throw those Parquet Court albums out just yet. Take that pork pie hat that you picked up in Sue Ryder. You initially wore it to indicate that you were an outsider, a break with conservative fashion. Then a few people pick up on the idea and you are seen as a trendsetter, the hat a cachet of cool. Next thing you know it is mainstream and everyone cool is wearing one but fashion is a fickle mistress so soon it loses its popularity. After a while, because of its lack of popularity it becomes ironic, the jokey status eventually passes into nostalgia and after a while it is seen as a conservative and sensible fashion statement, and so we have gone full circle.


Then again, maybe hipster isn’t dead…it just needs a new hat, if you know what I mean.