thThere are a few links in this weeks Linking Inkings below that give you a bit of back ground to what The Swindon Shuffle is so without revisiting too much of the same territory here is a very brief overview.

In the dim and distant past, that was really eight years or so ago a couple of music fans decided to put an event on to help raise funds and awareness for The Prospect Hospice, a local charity organisation that offers care, support and dignity to  cancer victims and their families through the terminal stages of the illness. The idea quickly grew from a back garden party to a multi-venue event hosted in the regular music pubs and venues in town. It quickly established itself as an annual fixture and with an ever evolving format and run by a fluid committee of organisers the event has made it to this the eighth year.

My involvement was a gradual thing, beginning as a punter and friend of those running it, a reviewer of the event and even a musical contributor with a number of bands over the years, it was only three years ago that i became on of the people jointly holding the reins.

So as one of a small group of people who co-ordinated the event, put obviously with massive support from the music community, bands, equipment, sound engineers, venues, bar staff, journalists, radio stations and of course the punters, I have spent a long weekend, well, at 5 days it’s nearer a week, running stages, working with bands, drinking too much and generally having a ball.

Over the next few days there will be an article about The Shuffle as seen from one mans  view point. If I have left anyone out it is probably because I am writing this from my own view point which often means that you get stuck in one place and miss out on much of what is going on. As I am fond of saying, the problem with running The Shuffle is that you don’t get to go to The Shuffle.