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thOkay, I know I haven’t posted here for a while but there has been good reason, a little thing called The Swindon Shuffle. It’s a yearly 5 day, indoor music festival that we have in Swindon every year and with 12 stages and over 50 bands put together it obviously takes a lot of time to sort out leaving me little time to attend to the writing side of things. On the other hand it has given me lots to write about and opened up a few more business opportunities. What it does mean is that I am now playing catch up. Not only do O want to blog about the event…more of that later, but I have a host of writing deadlines on an incoming trajectory, like editorial artillery strikes in a literary Vietnam. I have regular pieces for The Advertiser and The Ocelot, a stack of CD’s for various PR companies and a few books to review for The Amazon Vine program. So a weekend of putting pen to paper, and by that I mean fingers to keyboard. Coffee is on, Albinoni’s adagios play quietly from the other room,  a cool breeze running through the room and next doors cat sunning himself on the flat roof of my kitchen below. Everything I could possibly need. Alright chaps, it’s over the top we go….