10696186_973388062687714_1524614079169174509_n-1When I set this blog up I intended it to be a diary of my progress into self-sufficiency as a writer, music promoter, record company boss and what ever else it took to keep from returning to office based paper shuffling or pallet truck pulling boredom. I have been a bit lax in keeping things going I must confess. So in an effort to fill in the gaps, let me tell you about the night that I currently co-curate and organise.

Songs of Praise is a night of original music, held every 1st and 3rd Thursday at The Victoria in Swindon. It was the brain child of one Rich Craven, one of the people behind the equally successful Swindon Shuffle, both of which are now in their eighth year. About four years ago I myself took the plunge into promoting original music in venues that were either not known for original music or who were needing to find more acts to broaden their scope. For one reason or another, normally financial, these nights didn’t really fulfil early promise and so when Rich messaged me to say that he was moving back to Oxford and did I want to take over the running of the night, I obviously jumped at the chance.

So on Sep 3rd 2011 with Hello Lazarus, The Porn Issue and Kill Cassidy as my line up I took the reigns. Less than a year later I was joined by Ed Dyer and between us we have never looked back. WE have doubled the frequency of the shows, are booking bigger bands than ever, paying them more than the night ever managed to, we  occasionally make a bit of money ourselves and have even set up a record label on the back of it. Not bad for a couple of chancers who are just trying to bring (in our opinion) good music into town.