Songs of Praise normally takes place on a Thursday. Try as we might to persuade the powers that be otherwise it seems that Swindon is locked into the idea that the only things that will be successful on a weekend is cover and tribute bands and so an endless grind of people re-living the glory of Green Day, squeezing all of the spontaneity and originality from Nirvana and sadly reminding us just how awful Judas Priest actually were is our lot.

I was surprised then by the turn of events when Charlie Bath approached us looking for a live date for herself and a band she had been working with, but could we secure a specific Saturday. Slim chance I thought and probably said as much but when I approached the venue they agreed. Blimey! So with Ed having secured Colour The Atlas as headliners we ventured into pastures new, armed with a great line up and something to prove. Could original bands, one of which had never played Swindon before, draw in enough people to make the night a success. I will just leave you with the picture below and you can make your own mind up.