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lazarusI thought I would use this blog as a sort of diary of the trials and tribulations of the things I see and experience as I promote music and attend gigs a way of getting things out of my head more than anything. You can find my weekly gig musings over at Swindon Link and via the articles re-linked here in the Linking Inkings posts under the title That Was The Week That Was, but this is the private version with thoughts and opinions that may not be conducive to mainstream publication so they end up here.


Also just to explain the name. I used to write brutally honest and often dryly humorous reviews of local bands for The Ocelot many years ago under the name Lazarus. Unfortunately for me the guitarist of one of the bands I had been less than emphatic about got the job of music editor and did what any well-balanced journalist would do in that position. He sacked me. The fact that he was removed from his position a few months later for setting up a rival magazine and trying to steal potential advertisers to his fold meant that the door was open for me to take my old job back on a higher wage. I then started writing under my real name and have remained there ever since but I always though that the name Self-Raising Lazarus was a great moniker, so I will use it here in tribute to that part of my life.


Anyway, that’s by way of introduction and return for semi-regular diary entries about my wanders about the music scene and beyond.