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The turn of a new year is really only a collective state of mind, a mass agreement on how we measure time, a man made concept. That said, it acts as a great focus for looking at your life and it’s goals and seeing where you are going. As stated before in a previous post I am not one for resolutions but as this year marks a bit of a land mark for me (A Journey into “L”) I have already enacted a few changes regarding my diet and already, just a week in, I feel better for it. The percentage of fruit and veg that I eat has greatly increased, red meat has been largely replaced by oily fish and carb intake is now much lessened. Junk food is out of the window and combined with the organic and freshly sourced food I am buying I guess it is simply a case of less MSG’s, chemicals and additives are greatly reduced.  The morning coffee is now black tea and cheeky snacks are now apple-shaped.

It is also interesting to look back on the changes in my life over the last year. This time last year I was renting a flat (a really nice one but renting none the less) I had a fledgling record label with a couple of releases and I was feeling a bit lost. I end the year owning my own house outright, have now worked with about a dozen acts to help release their music, have been co-organiser of the biggest Swindon Shuffle Festival to date and a string of great gigs on an almost weekly average and am still (just about) supporting myself through all these endeavours. I even managed to get back over to Berlin to spent some quality time with friends and was involved in making music videos for a couple of the acts on the label.

Next year is looking even more promising with The Shuffle entering year 9 and a music event being planned where we take some of the labels acts into Europe.

So all in all a pretty successful year and more than anything I seem to have re-established, in my own mind at least, who I am.