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10577156_10152674167868336_4794146974265552639_nWednesday is always a busy day, a radio show in the afternoon and a gig to look after in the evening. The radio show (link below) featured Blueprint, a band who had their heyday in the early 2000’s but who are back together for a one off gig this week. Unfortunatley their singer couldn’t get to the show so instead of a live acoustic set from Paj and Jamie we instead settled in to a rambling discussion of the band, the difference between then and now and even The Swindon Shuffle. Having known them both for a long time the talk felt like a group of mates chatting in the pub, always a relaxed state to be in.

Booking the music for the Roaring Donkey is always a great way of inflicting my music taste on an unsuspecting public, a chance to bring some out of town acts and mix them with the best of the local crop. Kitchen Sink Dramas are one of the better local acts, not only through their playing but because Steve Leigh’s lyrics are poignant, political and socially aware. I have to say I revel in political music, particularly in an age when lyrical content seems to be at an all time low, not good for a New Model Army fan such as myself.

I’m not sure how much of a hit songs such as Cruel Britannia and it’s accusatory stance were with some of the locals, a couple of whom had obvious opposite views, but that’s the nature of creativity and democracy coming together. If you want a one line label for the band ” Chris Difford channelling Attila The Stockbroker” was my quip of the night, one that the band seems more than happy with. The fact that they were fans of Count Arthur Strong was just an added bonus.