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writer-at-deskSome things change and some things stay the same. In the “blimey, that’s different” column we have a number of changes afoot with some of the sites I send local music pieces to. Due to recent acquisitions of and money injections into Swindon Link my editor there is taking a sideways move as the various directions of the new group are better demarcated into their various interests. I have elected to move with him as I would rather work for an editor who I know gets my work rather than risk working for one who just wants fluff pieces about function bands or the latest 12 year old acoustic prodigy.


Amongst these changes my editor at The Ocelot, also acquired as part of the changes and mergers, now splits his time between that magazine and the print version of Swindon Link, so I seem to have ended up with not only the same amount of bosses but exactly the same people. The more things change the more they stay the same eh?


In the “business as usual” column the pile of album reviews is backing up as all three of my regular PR companies seem to be submitting more than ever, two based in the UK , Manila and Prescription and the Minneapolis based Tinderbox. As a matter of course, I try to make sure anything sent in physical format always gets a review, digital submissions have to rely on me either really, really liking the music and having time on my hands, something becoming rarer and rarer.