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10676187_10203343581620924_2988841955461165579_nSo I went into the radio station early yesterday to work on some sketches for a new show with my co-presenter Sean Hodgson. Our music show, Live and Local, has always contained a few pre-recorded skits and spoof adverts and with the idea of doing a full show of this type, we recently put the idea to our station manager at 105.5, Shirley Ludford. Rather than be given a new time slot for a show that may turn out to be intermittent in its out put or short lived, we were told we could program the show into what would normally be the repeat slot for our regular show. And so work has began.


Sean came around to my place earlier in the week to exchange ideas and rough out some sketches and by Wednesday we had a few things shaped up to record as demos, and so sketches called Hallucination (a man trying to claim he can’t work due to being a figment of the benefits officers imagination,) Bi-lingual (a Smith and Jones type head to head) and Gibberish (2 crossword compilers reporting on the local music scene) plus some ideas for a couple of spoof complaint letters were committed to tape. Interesting times.


At 2,00, we reverted to our music show presenting mode but due to our booked guest, Drew Bryant, not being able to make the recording we just did two hours of chat and pre-recorded music, which is just as much fun in many ways.


The evening saw a bit of a gig clash, which must send some sort of signal to those who say that nothing ever happens in Swindon. My good friend Kieran Moore who promotes under the name Sheer Music had booked Brighton based, Cornish refugees and fantastic punk band Gnarwolves to play The Victoria, but it clashed with my regular acoustic slot at The Roaring Donkey, so sadly I couldn’t attend, though 140 people did which made for a close to sell out room. I did, however, have the company of Neil Mercer and Dave Corrigan playing wonderful folky and rootsy Americana sets and quite a few familiar faces turned up to watch. About thirty in all which is more than enough for the small room we work in. At the end of the night, Si, Matt and Paj from Coasters wandered in for a pint and I proceeded to get a bit wobbly with Si over the next few hours, and as he lives a few streets along from me an early hours nightcap at his gaff was in order before I staggered home.


Two busy gigs on a Wednesday must tell people that if you book the right original acts then people will turn out to watch, maybe it is a turning point and people will start moving away from this blanket ban of anything that isn’t a tribute, cover band or doesn’t contain at least one member of their immediate family. Then again, maybe not.


In other news a singer tripped over whilst performing at a bogus award ceremony.