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11027778_10153426929654666_4151370994138736814_nOne of the problems with running so many live shows is that you don’t always get to go to see the gigs that others put on and because Thursdays are all about Songs of Praise shows at The Victoria I had to miss out on these splendid fellows when they hit town. The Peckham Cowboys are nothing short of a sleaze rock super group, and rather than go over old wordage here is what I wrote about them for that weeks Adver gig guide: –

Despite current perceptions, a lot of cool bands do play Swindon, many from the national circuit and many have at least written a footnote in the annals of music history. Tonight, a full blown cult supergroup hits town, a band whose past exploits have not only shaped my record collection but have provided some fabulous live experiences too, yet I suspect most people have never heard of them. Who? The Peckham Cowboys, that’s who.

With a history that stretches back through such bands as The Quireboys, Mott The Hoople, Cheap ‘n’ Nasty and Primal Scream they certainly have an impressive CV, but if your mental image of a supergroup is Journey or worse. …Asia, then you are in for a shock. Looking like The Stones had open a used car lot in Dagenham and sounding like a dark and sleazy, musical anti-Christ to The Faces angelic clatter, this is a band you really need to catch and you can do so at Level 3 tonight.

I think that sort of sums things up. I was a bit concerned that the fact that they were booked to play Level 3, a room of about 350 capacity and a general lack of advertising  might make for a smaller crowd than they deserve and after the event grapevine whisperings did in fact reveal this to be the case. A real shame but I guess that is one great band who won’t be coming back our way in a hurry.