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12140210_1240091482684036_6817448177406975463_oThings were much quieter on Saturday night, people may have been off in more salubrious sports bars to watch the Rugby World Cup (and see France get the biggest hammering since Agincourt) but that suited us just fine. There is an interesting concept in action at The Loco on gig nights. During the 2 hours where we set up and soundcheck the bands, the daytime drinking crowd seem to slowly drift off, either to other bars, home or to find a fight that they like the look of asthe more music orientated set seem to drift in, a sort of changing of the tide that washes detritus and flotsam out to sea and brings boat loads (I can dream) of musical pleasure seekers to our shore. The fact that the outgoing waters had ebbed early was not something I was going to complain about.

Opening the night was Oscillator, normally a full band but due to possibly only temporary upheavals in the ranks was being  presented as a solo show by front man Simon. And considering he had never really played a full electric show unaided he payed a blinder. Nice post-punk vibes and indie-rock swagger and a wonderful choice of covers to fill the set out, not only a bit of Roy Harper but Heart Attack and Vine by the mighty Tom Waits (for no man.)

It was nice to see quite a few of the Old Town set in to see main act Monkfish, a wonderful blend of Americana and gothic undertones. Although they shy away from the gothic rage, the vocal delivery and the jagged retro sounds (a la Fields of The Nephilim’s early Spaghetti Western vibe) were clearly visible. Haunted Americana? The sound of Andrew Eldritch driving through the back roads of Louisiana? Either way they would make one hell of a bar band from a scene in a Tarantino movie.