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A quieter night all round, too quiet really, but it is the week before payday and there is that attitude, not necessarily a swindon attitude but one I suspect you find at work in all small towns regarding out of town acts, at work. We seem to have lost that adventurous spirit regarding seeking out new music, people only seem to go a see a band if they are already familiar with them (spot the conundrum) or if their mate from work is playing in them or some other parochial attachment. New acts coming into town, especially those who play original music, are a hard sell.

Not that Nick and Raj are new to Swindon, they are one of the first acts I put on when I got into this promoting lark back in (checks event history) July 2011, a Sunday afternoon gig at The Beehive and they have been regular returnees in the years in between playing The Victoria and The Donkey from time to time.

So a quieter turn out (and unfortunately one of the few nights the owner of the bar happens to be around) but some wonderfully nuanced and textured music. Both great solo acts in their own right they mix up the music via solo turns and accompanying each out, Nick often playing the bass to Raj’s leads and Raj utilising the harmonica and mandolin behind Nick’s songs. And although there seems a lot less going on, the impact of the music is clear through the dexterity and quality of the playing, plus all the instrument hoping and various dynamics of the music meant that Jamie, our erstwhile sound man, still has a lot to cope with.

Always a pleasure to be in their company and a set of music I suspect in a more cultured environment you could package up as a soiree of jazz tinged acoustic and charged a tenner on the door. Still you work with what you have got.

Here’s Nick in action – 3AM