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320793_117329211709659_1448593624_nAnother high profile booking and again I am wondering why I put myself through the ordeal of putting such great acts on in such a indecorous place as The Locomotive. Don’t get me wrong, the venue is fine, good staff, decent stage and PA and an owner who is trying something new by allowing us to bring a bit of what we do elsewhere to the nightclub part of town. But as far as the average punter goes, he would probably be happy with Oasis on the juke box, or possibly even Skrewdriver… and a good fight. Hardly conducive to what we were bringing them tonight.

The roots of the gig lie with the irrepressible David Rose, music uber-fan, music blogger and all round good egg who picked up on the fact that Pete and Terry were looking for places to host warm up shows and he managed to secure Swindon a place. Originally the gig was to be held at The Victoria but somewhere down the line they decided to bump our show in favour of something they felt would work better for them. So what would serve the venues needs better than two bonafide music legends, the people who brought you Polak, Levitation, Adorable and The House of Love? That’s right…an Abba tribute band. I know they have a business to run but surely there are ways of combining good music with fiscal security?

So here we were at The Locomotive instead and I have that usual feeling of embarrassment that this is the best we can offer as a venue. I need not have worried, Pete and Terry are two of the nicest, easy going and affable chaps you could ever hope to meet and work with.

Musically the gig was a great success, the supports, King in Mirrors and Familiars delivered great sets, both bands harking somewhat to Pete and Terry’s musical past and most of them clearly fans of the main act. (Familiars front man Steve later produced the whole set of Leviathan albums on vinyl for Terry to sign.)

Pete and Terry’s music is sublime and a testamant to what you can do with two guitars and two vocals. With Pete laying down the main song and vocal body Terry then adds wonderful detail, nuanced notes, harmonious backing vocal, additional textures and gossamer thin layers of beauty. Those there to experience the music were truly mesmerised. But that last sentence hints at the problem, “those there to experience the music.” Outside the support bands, the organisers and around half a dozen music fans the rest of the venue seems oblivious and occasionally disrespectful. I do find it odd that people with no interest in the sort of music we host think it is okay to come to the venue and moan about the band, the fact that the jukebox isn’t on, the fact that the band aren’t playing Freebird and just generally being loud and obnoxious. Something has got to give and I have a bad feeling that it might be me.