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12249966_10153073299221574_4057443580067097536_nSo a rare night off, Ed is covering our punk-pop show at The Locomotive) and what do I chose to do? That’s right….go to a gig. It is nice to just go to a gig as a punter for a change though rather than be the one worrying about sound checks and stage times, having to fend off the usual “how long is our set,” “was I supposed to bring drum breakables,” ” am I facing the right way,” etc.

Anton has played Swindon many times, normally at The Beehive, although I did once manage to book him and his then band Three Minute Tease (featuring ex-Soft Boys Morris Windsor and Andy Metcalfe) at The Victoria when the local support band 8 Minutes Later did the usual after gig trick of leave the room taking the bulk of the audience with them and only reappear at the end of the night when the money was being handed out. The last time I saw Anton was in Berlin. I was visiting my friend Rich who after a day in Templehof park had taken their over tired son Bob home leaving myself, travel companion Paj and the lovely Gabi to go for a wander and a beer. On walking through a flea market I saw a dishevelled guy in a Canadian maple leaf hat looking at his phone and it could be no-one else. Random encounters rule, but Berlin is like that.

This time he had fellow Californians, The Corner Laughers joining him on stage as their own tour coincided with his and Swindon seemed the place for a bit of a knees up. I’d spoken to lead singer/uke player Karla a few times after she sent be their brilliant sun kissed, soulful, folk-pop future classic The Matilda Effect, so it was great to finally meet them in person.

So a fantastic night of uke-pop and acid laced underground vibes was had by all. The world does seem a small place when you look at the networks we build up and follow. Sacramento -Berlin -Swindon…who’dathoughtit?