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smiling-planet-earth-cartoon-2-thumI was just reading that Sylvia Allen, Tea Party stalwart and all round oddball who first became a state senator in Arizona (and a national embarrassment) in 2008, has been made chairwoman of the Senate committee handling education legislation. The Phoenix New Times calls her a “professional fruitcake.”

Allen is known for a string of bizarre and racist remarks as well as an attachment to conspiracy theories. For example, she believes the Earth is just 6,000 years old, a view held by some fundamentalist Christians but rejected by scientists and many Bible scholars. It also means that she is now in charge of disseminating such beliefs through the Arizona State education system. A bit of a worry.

It also reminded me of an observation made by those eminent wordsmiths and arch story tellers Mssrs. Pratchet and Gaimen. If as Allen believes the earth was created on October 22, 4004 BC (using Julian calendar) a theory first put forward by Bishop Usher, then the earth is indeed a Libra. Maybe next year we get it a cake.