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This morning I felt the need to put into words the confusion I felt post-referendum.


I would have preferred to stay in the EU but we are where we are so I am going to suck it up and get on board. But here is my view of the state of play.


Cameron – called this referendum to suit his domestic interests, to secure his position of power. He lost and it was always going to be the case that he would walk if that happened. But now we have a PM on gardening leave who would rather leave the aftermath to his successor.


Boris – I don’t think he really wanted to leave but he took a contrary position as a bid for the top job. I don’t think he ever thought he would win and now is very quiet on the subject, as he doesn’t really want the job of picking up the pieces.


Corbyn – as one of the few lefties in the party his traditional view would be Leave but he played the Remain card reluctantly and for very different reasons to Cameron. He now faces a coup for the same lack of faith from his cabinet.


Osbourne – on his way out because of his association with Cameron but even with the markets in a temporary flux (as is always the case with uncertainty) he has gone into hiding instead of being a chancellor. Still at least some of his city friends made billions selling shares high and buying them back cheap after the slump.


No one at the top seems that keen to trigger article 20, even Carswell is saying take it slowly! Scotland are looking for ways back into the EU and if they find a way, Northern Ireland will follow, maybe even leading to reunification. Many EU heads want us out as soon as possible to prevent destabilisation, this is not the time for politicians to sit on their hands and do nothing.


I think the vote was driven by a climate of fear that has been created by these same politicians over recent years, instead of politics offering reassurances and solutions it has been reduced to negativity and curtain twitching fear. They have offered merely reasons not to vote for the opposition rather than reasons to vote for themselves.


Now we need our leaders more than ever, the people who have put in place the mechanism to allow this to happen now need to do the job they are paid for, to guide, govern and start the process of building this new economy. Now is not the time to play their petty games of political posturing, they need to lead us. This temporary vacuum is a dangerous time; a vile streak of nationalism seems to be on the rise and more than at any time they need to be seen to be running the country.


If the politicians can show me that they care more about this country than their own careers, that this wasn’t just political point scoring, they can heal the rift in the country that is palpable in the air. I never though we need Independence from anything, I didn’t need my country back, it has always been here but now we have a chance to re-shape it, make some changes, embrace opportunities. Lets make sure that they are the right ones.


Politicians, do your job.